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The Geologist Who Couldn’t Collect Rocks

Geologists love rocks. They collect rocks, study rocks, and buy hats that say “I Love Rocks.” So if you want to start a quarrel with a geologist, you take away his rocks.

No Swing Vote on Playground Case

I don’t know if it’s true that we learn everything we need to know in kindergarten. But with regard to religious freedom, we certainly have learned a great deal from a preschool playground.

U.S. Supreme Court to Consider Whether Government Can Be the Cake Boss

A loss could mean not only that Phillips would be forced to close the doors of his family business, but also that we risk closing the doors on what it means to be a truly free society.

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James M. Gottry

Husband. Father. Attorney. Writer.

I work as an attorney and director of marketing at Alliance Defending Freedom.

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And the wisdom of the New Regime 2.0 goes like this:

The march toward true liberty requires 18 girls to squeeze into a prison cell-sized changing space or abandon their bodily privacy, and their right to safety and comfort in the most intimate and vulnerable of settings.

Why? So that a “bearded individual” can fully disrobe in the girls’ locker room at a parks department swimming pool on New York City’s Upper West Side. Empowered by the mere proclamation that he is a woman, he appropriates the entire space for himself.

Now is not the time to partner with proponents of SOGIs in hopes of catching a few crumbs of liberty that fall from the table. Freedom of conscience is not a token to be surrendered as the price of citizenship in a free society; it is the mark of citizenship and the fruit of a free society.

Forcing conformity in a diverse society doesn’t unite, it divides. And believing that you must separate yourself from – or punish – those who hold views different than your own only exacerbates the problem. You begin to see those “others” not as friends, neighbors, and colleagues who add something unique to the diverse fabric of our nation, but as faceless impediments to a never-never land where “everyone thinks like me (or they will when they grow up).”

Forbidding a diverse citizenry from expressing diverse beliefs on matters of deep significance is not triumph, but tragedy. Compelling individuals to abandon their individual convictions and march involuntarily to the beat of a government-approved drum is not the American way. I’m glad Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been forced to sacrifice his conscience in return for his citizenship. But don’t you think we should extend the same freedom to everyone?